Why We Love Our Portable Fire Pit (and you will, too!)

Getting a house was really great. Finally, we had a back deck and we could enjoy sitting out under the stars at night while the whole family cuddled close together. But something was missing. Then we realized, we needed a fire pit! Once we had one suddenly it was like camping but from the comfort of our own backyard.

Before we got a gas fire pit, we did a lot of research. We looked at many kinds of fire pits and determined that for safety, cleanliness, ease of use, and portability this was the way to go. I’ll go over a few of the reasons we chose a gas fire pit and why you might want to as well.

The Ultimate No Mess Campfire

I really do love the smell of wood as it burns and for this reason, I was looking for both a house that had a wood-burning fireplace and a wood-burning fire pit for my backyard. While I sometimes miss the smell of the wood as it crackles and burns I will never miss the ash that I have to clean up or the smoke that seems to follow me no matter what side of the campfire I stand on. I still enjoy that when I am out camping but for the house or for a quick trip out for the day, this is really perfect.

And if you have a patio in an apartment this will burn clean and not too hot so you don’t have to worry about freaking the neighbors out that the building is on fire. It is great for camping as well or sitting alongside your RV. In just a few seconds I have a fire ready to go for roasting marshmallows or keeping a cold night’s chill away.

You Can Light Up Even During a Campfire Ban

Portable fire pits

If you have a Canadian Standards Association (CSA) approved fire pit it is generally is safe to use during most campfire bans. Although you should always check with the current fire restrictions in your area. One of the reasons why a propane fire pit will be allowed, while regular campfires are not, is that they don’t emit sparks. During a dry spell, even the smallest ember or spark could ignite the surrounding vegetation and dry underbrush.

They also don’t have the danger of hot coals that take forever to cool down. Just turn it off and soon it will be cool enough to cover up and put away. Campfires are great but the fire bans that sometimes go into effect can put a damper on your outdoor fun. Not so with your own portable and safe campfire.

It’s Ready to Go When You Are

The last camping trip I went on was awesome! We had a huge fire and a night filled with scary stories and roasting marshmallows and just sitting around enjoying the fire. We also had hours of cutting wood, stoking the fire, adding more wood, rebuilding the fire, and so on. I had gotten so used to using my fire pit at home that I forgot about what a pain it is sometimes to get a fire going and keep it going.

My portable gas fire pit is ready to go in seconds. Just hook up the tank, if it isn’t already hooked up, open the valve and turn the auto igniter. Poof! Instant fire and now I can enjoy the marshmallows, telling stories and just feeling the warmth radiating from the fire.

You Can Set It Up On Your Wooden Deck

Portable Fire Pit on a Deck

One of the horror stories I read about was someone who had a wood-burning fire pit that got too hot on the underside. It burned clean through the wooden deck and down to the ground! I tested my fire pit by putting my hand under it while it was on. Barely any heat radiated down at all. The deck was cool to the touch. Be smart when you get one though and make sure you have a fireproof mat to go underneath it. I think I used one that was made for grilling with charcoal. If it can protect against a lump of hot coal, I have little to fear from my gas fire pit.

You also want to make sure it is set up far enough from your house but not right next to the railing of the deck either. I was extra careful when I first got mine because of some stories I had seen on the Net. Seeing stories about people whose roof caught on fire and other things like that have made me overly cautious.

Grab a Guitar and Sing by the Fire

Singing by the fire

I did my homework and read as much as I could before I fired up. Now I regularly go outside just to enjoy the night air while sitting next to my own fire. I grab my ukulele and sing a song or two to annoy the neighbors as well. And when it comes to marshmallows, my daughter can tell you that it’s her number one reason to have a portable gas fire pit. If mommy and daddy didn’t set a limit, I think she could roast a whole bag of marshmallows all by herself.

So grab your harmonica, pull up a chair, and sit around your own fire pit. Just remember to look overhead, take the proper precautions, and then just enjoy. I know that you and your family will enjoy it. Take a look at this video I have found about one brand of portable fire pit from Outland. It’s conveniently available on Amazon and it meets all the safety standards of the CSA. Get yours soon and you can quickly be enjoying campfire fun like us!

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