A Hidden Biking Gem In Covington


Memorial Day weekend, we had a chance to get out and discover some new places to go and experience on our bicycle. The first was Jackson River Scenic Trail out in Covington, Virginia, and the second one we just hit today, and it was High Bridge Trail State Park. Both are extra long and have … Read more

Roaring Run Trail


Roaring Run is a great hiking trail located about 27 miles outside of Roanoke. It’s well-marked and very easy to hike, The whole trail is only 1.7 miles out-and-back but there are quite a few things packed into that short trip. The path is well-maintained and the sound of the rushing water and the sites … Read more

Scary Campfire Stories


No camping experience is complete without the telling of your favorite scary campfire stories. I recently went on a little camping trip with my 6-year-old daughter and her best friend and family. On the second night of camping, the bonfire was raging, and the marshmallows had already been depleted. It was time! Time for scary … Read more

When Sickness (Corona) Hits, Get Back to Nature

Escape from Corona

These days the world seems to be melting down because of Corona Virus fears. This article does not downplay the seriousness of Corona or any communicable illness, but let’s look for an alternative. If you are still feeling okay and want to have an opportunity to isolate yourself and your family without having to be … Read more