The Best Places for Biking With Kids in Virginia


When it comes to family fun, nothing beats getting outside and riding your bikes together out in nature. If your child is still learning to ride, some of these might be a bit challenging. Not because of the slope but because of the length. I recommend getting a tow-bar for your child’s bike. That way … Read more

Why We Love Our Portable Fire Pit (and you will, too!)


Getting a house was really great. Finally, we had a back deck and we could enjoy sitting out under the stars at night while the whole family cuddled close together. But something was missing. Then we realized, we needed a fire pit! Once we had one suddenly it was like camping but from the comfort … Read more

A Hidden Biking Gem In Covington


Memorial Day weekend, we had a chance to get out and discover some new places to go and experience on our bicycle. The first was Jackson River Scenic Trail out in Covington, Virginia, and the second one we just hit today, and it was High Bridge Trail State Park. Both are extra long and have … Read more